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DT range of Bi-Axial Extruded Geogrids

DT range of Bi-Axial geogrids are made from polypropylene used for ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement applications.

The DT range of Bi-Axial geogrids are manufactured in accordance to the latest ISO 9001:2000 procedures using a unique extrusion process and biaxial stretching to increase the tensile and modulus characteristics of the product.

The DT ranges of geogrids offer a high tensile strength and elastic modulus offering excellent resistance to construction damage and chemical attack.

We can supply strengths of 15kNx15kN, 20kNx20kN, 25kNx25kN, 30kNx30kN and 40kNx40kN. 


• Sub-grade reinforcement
• Sub-base reinforcement.
• Paved and unpaved roads
• Overflow car parks
• Grassed access roads
• Caravan sites
• Parks subject to heavy public use.

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